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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sole trapped beaver Erica died in captivity

What a sorry saga this has turned into. For once words fail me.

The Courier - Sole trapped beaver Erica died in captivity


  1. Fairly typical of what one might expect. And luckily they're too incompetent to catch more than one beaver in 4 months!!

  2. Thank goodness they have only caught one so far. They have called a halt to the trapping for the moment but there is no guarantee they won't resume in the autumn. We need to keep this campaign going until the Scottish Government acknowledges that the beavers are protected by European law. They know this fine, but they are currently protecting the legal exit strategy of the Knapdale trial. We need to get them to recognise that all the European beavers in Scotland are protected - that the trial is in fact a de facto reintroduction, not a trial and go from there, working on monitoring, management, and celebration of this wonderful animal's return to its old territories. For anyone reading this blog who is not on our Facebook campaign "Save the Free Beavers of the Tay' please join now! If you are not on Facebook, just join. Facebook has grown up - it is no longer just a social interaction forum for the young. And you don't need to post anything you don't want. Just set your setting at high privacy levels. Join us!


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