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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ltl Acorn 5210 and 6210 Video File Formats

The images below illustrate the relative file sizes and data for video files produced by the Ltl Acorn Models in the 5210 and 6210 series of IR trail cameras. See below for video editing software.

When I first started using the 6210 series models I had problems with opening the video files in my existing editing software.

I looked around on the web for free or low cost video editors which were relatively straightforward to use, and found
Video Pad Video Editor from NCH Software.

It seems to support just about everything, is easy to use and is inexpensive to buy.

It can be used free but with irritating reminders to buy the full version.

I hope this helps anyone who is having problems with opening and editing the video files from these cameras.


  1. Good Morning from Finland!

    Videos and pictures from my Acorn 5210A as well as StealthCam Prowler HD opens very easily with totally free (without irritating reminders) allrounder, VLC Media Player. It accepts just any formats, from smallest still pictures to largest films and documentaries.

    Thank You for the wonderful site, which I just search of information about curious binoculars, called Pentax Papilio (not mind product placement...).

    All Good for the forcefully emerging spring season!


    Mikko Erkinaro
    Jyväskylä, Finland

    1. Hi Mikko

      I'm pleased you like the site and thanks for commenting.

      VLC is a great Media Player which I should have mentioned but at the time I was focused on both viewing and editing and the NCH software is good.

      Hope you're getting some spring weather in Finland already.



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