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Saturday, 16 June 2012

MMS Connectivity with Ltl Acorn Trail Cameras

A lot of confusion surrounds the MMS set up of the Acorn trail cameras and although I don't profess to be an expert myself, I've done some research to try and identify why so many people seem to be encountering problems.

Post Update 12.12.2012 : Practical set up instructions for proven SMTP service which works with all Acorn Wireless Trail Cameras. 

A common theme seems to be an inability to get the camera to send to an email address.

Below I've shown all the connection settings for using the various Vodafone services as an example. To send an email from the trail camera make sure you are using the correct APN (Access Point Name) and also using an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which allows authentication.

You may be having other problems and as soon as I can I will try and unravel some of the mysteries. My immediate problem is that I don't have reliable network access at my location and don't use these services; but I will very soon be making tests in a good signal area to try and clarify these issues.

In the meantime I hope that the information below is at least helpful.

Provided by

Vodafone GPRS settings (UK only):

Vodafone GPRS settings (WAP) / Vodafone Live!:

Access Point (Contract):
Access Point (PAYG)
Username: wap
Password: wap
Session type: Continuous / permanent
Authentication: Normal
Network type: Ipv4
Security: Off
Gateway (IP) address:
Port number: 8799

Vodafone GPRS settings (Email/Web):

Access Point (Contract): internet
Access Point (PAYG):
Access Point (3GB pre-payment): ppbundle.internet
Access Point (1GB pre-payment): pp.internet
Username* : web
Password*: web
Session type: Continuous / permanent
Authentication: Normal
Security: Off

Email IMAP Server:
Email SMTP Server:
Email SMTP server:
Email SMTP server:
Alt email SMTP server:
Alt email SMTP server:
Alt email SMTP server:
Alt email SMTP server:
DNS Server:
Update 19.06.12: I've just been told by Vodafone, that their SMTP Server addresses are no longer in use; which makes me wonder how much and how often connection parameters change.

Note: GPRS subscription must be enabled for "Vodafone Internet Access Service".
Contact Vodafone Customer Services on 191 from your Vodafone handset

GPRS in the UK
Common access point settings for Mobile Internet access at

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This is an extract from an article at

To send an e-mail one would normally use the SMTP server associated with your e-mail mailbox (provided by your ISP). You will be authenticated when you log into (dial up) your ISP and this device would then allow you to upload your e-mails before routing them on towards their destination.

The first potential problem with mobile access to an SMTP server is authentication. Accessing through GPRS may not provide the authentication information required by your ISP which will usually not allow you to send emails. This is because of the abuse by spammers who will take advantage of an SMTP server without security.

To overcome this an SMTP server that allows authentication must be used. Not all ISPs will provide this though popular email services such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail do. If yours does not, then your GPRS network supplier should be able to provide one. This does not effect the contents of your emails in any way and the 'from' field will remain the same. It is possible to use an SMTP server from one account such as Yahoo mail whilst using a completely different account for incoming mail from another provider.

To read more about this go to the GPRS Help website

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  1. Just ordered one of the Ltl cellular products. Checked yesterday & I have 1 bar of service at the installation I anticipate installing an external antenna (possibly with amplifier) rig.

    Stateside, Wilson Electronics is a great retailer for this type of product (already have one of their exterior/interior rigs installed for internet access over an aircard--went from 2 bars to 5).

    Thanks for the comparison link on the Ltl/Bushnell product line, as well!

    Ft. Ashby WV USA

    1. Thanks for info Keith which is much appreciated. I'm waiting for a higher gain antenna to test which may be sometime next week.

      If it does't improve enough I will be looking at amplifiers. Thanks for the name - might save a bit of searching.

      Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on.



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