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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Petition against the Badger Cull in England


  1. A welcome post. It seems to me it's equally likely that cattle infect badgers since cattle are widely transported.

    I've heard farmers say that badgers now have no predators and are thus rampant, destroying other wildlife. I believe badgers are omnivorous but are they so destructive?

  2. Cross infection is in my opinion certain, and unnaturally high concentrations of cattle and badger in one place will increase the likely outbreak of TB if the disease is present. If populations of both animals are stable and TB isn't present there isn't usually a problem, but the moment animals are moved between areas, it's possible they may transport TB with them.

    This is one serious negative aspect of the badger cull because it's highly likely to cause animals with TB to move to areas which are TB free. One amusing prerequisite of the badge cull is that areas to be culled should have hard boundaries such as rivers. So obviously some mastermind thinks badgers can't swim!!!!

    There are of course other vectors for TB such as deer, which can't be discounted; but my personal belief is that high populations of cattle and movement between farms is the biggest culprit.

    Badgers are omnivorous and will eat almost anything from meat carrion to earthworms which are a principal part of their diet. They will also eat any available fruits in season.

    Farmers are no different from any other vested interest group, in that they will naturally look for anything other than themselves and their own activities, to blame when things go wrong.

    As an example crofters in the north of Scotland looked for any silly reason to vilify Sea Eagles. One scare story that circulated a while back was that Eagles would take small babies from prams. All because like any bird of prey an eagle will on occasion take still born or weak new born lambs if the opportunity arises.

    We live in a time of biased misinformation where people from both sides of any fence will exhibit hysterical outbursts of nonsense. What the country (world even) needs is an injection of balanced reason and decency; which is highly unlikely while money and wealth acquisition are the principal driving forces.

    My apologies for the mild rant.



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