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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Firmware Updates, Upgrades and Software - Little Acorn Trail Cameras

 5210                    6210
In this post:
Do you need to update your firmware?
How to find your camera's firmware version. 
Current firmware versions. Updated 09.03.2013
Recent 6210 firmware issue (Wireless connection).
How to do a Firmware Upgrade.
Resetting your camera.
Recent Set up software releases.
Posts coming next month.

Do you need to update your firmware?
Probably not, is the simple answer.
If your camera is functioning normally, doing the job you require and has no obvious faults, then in my opinion it's probably best not to do an upgrade (why fix a running engine?).

In other words, my advice is don't upgrade for the sake of having the latest firmware installed, because it might
be a version that is fixing a specific problem that your camera does not have; and in some instances might harm your camera's performance.

If you know of a later firmware version that is suitable for your camera, and which has an essential feature you need, or is specific to fixing a problem that your camera might have, then maybe, once you have made certain you really need it.

How to find your camera's firmware version. 

Fig  1:  5210 Press the second button in from the right
(right arrow/shot) of the control panel.

Take an image with the camera.

Do this by switching the camera to test and then:

5210 (Figure 1) Press the second button in from the right (right arrow/shot) of the control panel.

Fig  2:  6210 Press the second button up on the right of the control panel.
6210 (Figure 2) Press the second button up on the right of the control panel.

Each time you press this button the camera will shoot one image.

Fig  3:  File properties box in Windows Explorer. 
Remove the SD card and put it into the card slot of your PC, or if your PC does not have a card slot, use the camera's USB cable to connect to your computer.

Open Windows Explorer and you'll find the card listed SD/MMC(?:) as a drive under Computer (Figure 3). The drive designation will vary depending on how many drives are working on your computer.

Open the folders on the card and in the folder named 100IMAGE you will find the images you have taken.

Right click on an image thumbnail or list item, and in the drop down box left click on properties.

In the properties box left click on the details tab and next to where it says 'Program name' it will give you the Firmware version, which will look something like V3.06A or M for 5210 series cameras, and V1.2.003T for 6210 series cameras.

You can also find the firmware and other information by looking at the EXIF data in image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro.

Current firmware versions.

5210A - V 3.06A;   5210M - V 3.06M;   6210MC/MG - V 1.2.101T

Firmware can now be downloaded from the new Downloads Page.

Recent 6210 Firmware issue (Wireless connection).

Fig  4: 6210s with the wireless connection problem
may or may not show the SIM status, the antenna icon
or the signal strength indicator.
There has been a problem with some of the latest 6210MGs where although the MMS/GPRS sets up OK and all the normal menu functions set up and work, the camera will not send data. An indication of this is the absence of the antenna icon and status indication in the top right hand of the screen (see Figure 4).

If you think you have this problem, please get in touch by email; and include the camera's Model Number, Serial Number and date purchased.

I have firmware version 1.2.003T that will correct this issue.

How to do a firmware upgrade.

Please note that all upgrade BIN files, regardless of their version or purpose, are named either FW5210A.bin for all the 5210 camera models, or FW6210.bin for all the 6210 camera models.

The only way you can identify a particular firmware file is by the name of the zip archive file it arrives in. If you mix up different BIN files you will probably end up making a right dog's breakfast of your camera's programming; which will mean resetting it and starting again.

Fig  5: Partial windows Explorer screen shot showing location of saved BIN file on SDHC card

How to Upgrade the 5210:

Important: Do not format your SD card in Windows. Either format in the camera or use SDFormatter which you can download here.

Format SD Card (in camera)
Carry out the following procedure either, by putting the SDHC card in your PC or by connecting your camera to your PC using the USB cable provided.
1) Copy the file FW5210A.bin to the SD card at the top of the hierarchy (or root directory) as in Figure 5 and not in a folder.
2) Insert the SD card in the camera to be upgraded. 
3) Press and hold the OK button (see Figure 1 above)
4) Switch the camera to the "TEST" position. 
5) Wait until the start-up (picture of acorn) splash screen shows and then release the "OK" key. 
6) Enter MENU, navigate the marker to DEFAULT SET, and press OK. 
7) Format SD Card (in camera)

You can now re-programme the camera with your preferred menu setting.

How to Upgrade the 6210:

Important: Do not format your SD card in Windows. Either format in the camera or use SDFormatter which you can download here.

Format SD Card (in camera)
Carry out the following procedure either, by putting the SDHC card in your PC or by connecting your camera to your PC using the USB cable provided.

1) Copy the FW6210.bin file to the SD card at the top of the hierarchy (or root directory) as in Figure 5 and not in a folder.
2) Insert the SD card in the camera to be upgraded. 
3) Press and hold the "Back" button (second button down from top right on control panel) (see Figure 2 above)
4) Switch the camera to the "TEST" position. 
5) Wait until the start-up (picture of acorn) splash screen shows and then release the "Back button"
6) Enter MENU, navigate the marker to DEFAULT, and press OK.
7) Format SD Card (in camera)

You can now re-programme the camera with your preferred menu setting.

Resetting your camera.

Fig  6: 6210 default set - Menu page 5
If you are new to trail cameras, the menu choices can be confusing, not just individually, but also in how they interrelate with each other and the camera's operational circumstance. I am not going into this now but I will be covering practical operational settings in my next few posts.

If you are experimenting with menu settings and it all gets too confusing, navigate to Default, which is the last item in the menu (all camera models), and press the OK button. This will return the camera's menu to the manufacturer's default settings, so that you can start again.

Another situation that may give rise to problems is where you have been tempted, for whatever reason, to do several firmware upgrades; after which your camera has started to do strange things or obviously malfunction. I can't prove this, but I do have empirical evidence to suggest that under these circumstances the camera's programming can get confused.

In this situation, reset your camera by removing the SDHC card, the SIM card (MM/MG models) and ALL the batteries. Leave the camera for at least 24 hours, which will allow any volatile internal memory to discharge, before starting again. I don't guarantee this will necessarily solve whatever problem you may be experiencing; but until you have done this you cannot carry out further meaningful analysis.

Recent Set-up software releases.
Please note that the Acorn set up software is only Windows compatible.
Important: Software refers to the programme used on a PC, by the user, to set up the camera's menu functions and not to the firmware that is used to programme the camera's chipset.

There is an indication that some recent software versions above v1.2.020 are not suitable for setting up some of the 6210 models, probably the older MMS and pre screen change cameras.

If you are experiencing a wireless connectivity problem with your 6210 camera using the later software, then download v1.2.020 from the Camera Data page and see if you can set up successfully using this version.

I'm not sure if this is a real problem or not at the moment, and am trying to find out; so please let me know if you have had this issue and then overcome it by using the earlier software.

Recent set up software version allows setting up of the new feature of SMS remote control. I confess that I know nothing about how this feature works

Release notes to v1.2.027:

Only support China Mobile and China Unicom, the other waiting for test results.

U.S. carrier testing is complete

Support the three mobile phone number and email function changes.

Fixed a wrong URL,Support Sweden.

Ascii code for the phone supports "+"

1.Solve the garbled error
2.Slovenia wait for the test

Slovenia wait for the test


Add "Portugal","Turkey","Switzerland","Spain","Slovakia","Russia","Romania","Poland","Netherlands","Italy","Ireland","Hungary","Greece","France","Australia","Austria","Brazil","Bulgaria","Croatia","Czech Republic","Denmark","Finland","New Zealand","Norway".

South Africa

Sweden --Telia
Czech Republic -- T-Mobile ,Vodafone
Ukraine -- KiyvStar,MTS

Australian operator Telstra parameter correction

Bulgaria -- Vivacom

Finland --- Sonera / Elisa

Slovakia --  Orange / O2
Setup Date Format

Lithuania --Omnitel  //Unkown Result

Ukraine -- LIFE , Beeline UA

Spain -- Orange
Bulgaria -- Globul

New Software,compatible with previous generation style
Australia -- Mic1

Austria A1

Austria A1 //E-mail can not receive MMS

Add language

fix a bug(sms)

German     ---  Deutsch
Switzerland  --- Schweiz
Austria  -- Osterreich 

Spain   -- Telstra

Add language

Modify a cell phone the first number use 

Germany     ---  Deutschland

Australia -- Vodafone Three Virgin

Ireland -- Tesco

India   -- Idea CellOne BPL Airtel VodaFone

Ltl 6210 MMS Menu.

Remove TV Mode Setup

Add Ltl6210 Function.
1.Beep Sound
2.Storage Cycle

Add Latvia MMS Param

South Africa  --MTN

South Africa  --MTN

Modify the Finnish translation

Ltl 5210MG Support Smtp

Update Gprs Param

Update United Kingdom MMS Param

Add Cesky Language


Add Namibia MMS Param

Update Ltl 6210M Gprs Param
Slovenia --Izi Mobil,Si Mobil

This is a test version, if the sending MMS have problems, please go back to the previous version

Estonia MMS Param

Lithuania MMS Param

fix a bug(6210MG)

Estonia Smtp Param

Norway -- Onecall

Croatia-- T-mobile HR

Belgium--Proximus Mobistar Base

Poland MMS Param

Lithuania Bite

Timer 2

fix a bug for beeline

Cyprus -- Cyta

Ceczh Repblic  -- T-mobile 

fix a bug for 5210

Slovenia -- Tusmobil

France  -- SFR

Turkey   --  Turkcell
Schweiz  --  Swisscom

Slovenia MMS param(simobil) Port:9201
izimobil -- smtp param

5210M SMS Remote Control

Versions 020, 022 and 027 are available to download from the Camera Data page.

Posts coming next month:
Which trail camera, why and how. My reasons for choosing the Acorn cameras.
5210 Menu system and settings. In depth how to set up and use.
6210 Menu system and settings. In depth how to set up and use.

I try very hard to be up to date with information about these cameras and hope that you find my posts interesting and informative.

My knowledge and understanding is drawn from information provided by the Acorn factory, from users around the world and from my own experience with using these cameras.

I don't guarantee to be totally up to date and knowledgeable about every aspect of issues relating to firmware and software, so if you think you know something I don't, I will be pleased to hear from you.



  1. Hi Ron, first of all thanks for a great page with all the good bit's, anyway we have some issues with the 6210 also in Norway, we are getting problems as described above regarding the 1.2.003T firmware, would it be possible to recive the firmware from you ?? the number for the camera is 6210MG 202001776

    1. Hi Lars

      Sending you firmware is not a problem. Can you please email me a request ?


  2. Hi Ron, Greetings from Chile, we still trying to configure our ltl6210 mmx, you know I've seen if the problem is the firmware, and I saw that the camera has V1.1.010T version. you can upgrade?, from where I can download a newer version, I read that this version V1.2.003T.

    the camera I have is the 6210 model MG ltl and No. 202 000 883

    Watch for your feedback.

    Greetings, Wilson

    1. Hi Wilson

      Send me an email and I'll return the firmware.


  3. HI,

    Just bought a 5210mg cam in South Africa. It has V3.06M firmware. Can not get it to send MMS or e-mail. Seems like there has been some problems with this. Has it been fixed? If so could you please send me the new Firmware?

    1. Hi Gerrie

      This is not a firmware issue and you do have the latest firmware.

      Please go the my Home Page and read this post "GPRS Wireless Module Problem in Acorn Series 2 Wireless Cameras" which explains your problem.


  4. Hi Ron!

    It seems my camera 6210MG has also the firmware problem. I just bought it from Estonia and serial nr is 202002060.Could you please send it to a lot.

    1. Hi Martin

      You need to Download V1.2.101T from my download page. You may also need a firmware upgrade for the new GPRS Module which I will be making available in the next day or so.

      Load V1.2.101T first and see if your camera works OK.



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