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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Red Deer Hind

The Red Deer hind was browsing on heath under a cloud of midges and I was camode up on the edge of the bog waiting for a Roe buck when the hind came quietly out from the forests edge.

She was there for a fair time when there was a change of wind direction and she caught my scent, which put her head up (the moment of this shot); but she couldn't figure out where I was. After some hesitation she decided to go back into the trees and drifted off, still testing the air.

I'd been in one position for long enough and had more or less given up on the buck so I stood up. When my head cleared the bracken there was a crash to the right about thirty feet away and I was greeted with the sight of the retreating rear end of the Roe Buck I'd been waiting to see.

Seems to be the way of it with me and Roe deer. I've missed some fantastic shots and never, so far, managed to get one I would want to publish. It'll happen right one of these days and the red hind made it worth the effort on this occasion.
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