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Monday, 2 August 2010

Dogs dinner

A few days ago, I was along the river with the dogs while they had their daily walk. Kali is a six year old Collie and George is an eight year old Springer Spaniel.

George is happiest when he's in the water and doesn't mind how deep it is, but Kali really dislikes getting out of her depth; so they've worked out a partnership where every time I throw a stick into the river, George goes and gets it. While he's doing that Kali waits in the shallows and he brings the stick to her. She then takes it from him and brings it to me, whereupon I have to throw it into the river again.

It's a bit like perpetual motion until I get fed up and walk away. They don't give up easily though, because Kali follows me and repeatedly throws the stick at my heels; which is really annoying when it's a big one.

So off we go, and I'm crossing the meadow on the way back to the cottage, when a Scotch Argus butterfly obligingly settles on the grass in front of me. Ah, I thought, grab the opportunity; so I'm busy taking a few photographs.

I'm using a long lens so I'm able to stay about three feet from the butterfly, and had just taken this shot when it disappeared from view and was replaced by George's head. I looked past the camera and was in time to see him swallowing the butterfly.

He'd obviously been paying attention and looked really pleased with himself!

Anyone want a dog?
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