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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tay Beavers.

Following my initial rant over how I felt about SNH trapping Beavers in the Tay valley, I followed it up, not with a retraction but an apology to SNH for referring to them as control freaks. I thought it was also fair to present a more sober view due to knowing little about what was actually happening on the ground, so to speak. I certainly don't possess first hand information about genus, disease or welfare regarding the Tay beavers which would allow me to present an informed opinion.

I've just published an anonymous comment to my last post on the subject which reads as follows:

The Tay beavers are not of a different genus. They are Castor fiber, the same genus as the ones that were here 400 years ago. The parasite issue was a straw at which they were clutching and they have now dropped it because they know it is not relevant. Even if there were a possibility of the beavers being American they could do genetic tests on hairs without trapping them. Your first instinct was right! They should leave the poor animals alone. There is a Facebook campaign to save these beavers. If you change your mind then please join. "Save the Free Beavers of the Tay".

I would like to make it clear that with the exception of the "control freaks" comment I stand by my original posts sentiments. I am firmly of the belief that SNH should stop wasting time and money on trapping these animals and, as others have already pointed out, they could and should test and monitor the Tay Beaver population in their present environment.

With regard to the animals' origins, any European form variations would likely strengthen the genetic base of future UK populations and as for parasites, if the animals have been in the wild for the last ten years, any parasites they carried will now be irrevocably within the ecosystem.

Most of what I've read about this recently leads me to conclude that SNH are frantically trying to justify their own existence and the incredible amount of money they've used in the Knapdale project. I feel that what SNH are presently about is immoral and unnecessary and more to do with politics than the welfare of the Beavers. They could at least join up their thinking and stop making contradictory statements which only go to further illustrate their incompetence.

I sincerely hope that those who are in a position to bring an end to this will be successful.

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