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Friday, 28 January 2011

Woodland Trust Campaign to save Englands ancient forests

The letter at the bottom of this post is currently being circulated in response to the Governments proposal to sell off the national forests.
There will be only one reason for a private company to buy a forest and that will be to make money from the sale of the timber. They'll pay lip service to other issues but in most instances the bottom line will be profit and shareholders.
Likewise, the Government is only proposing a sell off to save money and have someone else to blame when something isn't right. I appreciate that the Government needs to reduce the national debt but, in my opinion, selling the nations forest estate is not the way to do it; and if you think there will be large enough funds made available to help support charitable ownership, you're away with the fairies.
Use the link below to register your support for the Woodland Trusts campaign.  
Over the next few weeks of the Government's consultation
the Woodland Trust will continue to bring you opportunities
to shape the long-term future of England's public estate please stick with us.

This petition is just the start of our public campaign.
Our website will always have the latest news and ways you
can get involved in saving England's ancient forests.

We always appreciate your time and support - what we really
need now is your help to gather as many voices as possible
for this call to action. Please pass on the link below to 
your friends and ask them to make their voice heard too.

Thanks again,

Sue Holden
Chief Executive
The Woodland Trust
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