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Saturday, 26 February 2011

What a wonderful day

I've not long been back from the forest where it's 6C, sunny and really feels like spring. Yeh, I know, we've still got March to come but I'm not going to let that thought spoil my mood.

Just relocated the trail cam to a Squirrel feeder for the day and will return it to the Badger sett tonight.

The night before last I had two Badgers on camera together and I've managed to convince myself that the one I see regularly is a sow with cubs underground.

I hope the second Badger is a male and they might perform on camera.

The view of the trail cam at left is to show the diode masking I've used to reduce the light in the middle of the image area. It was burning out all the detail because of uneven light distribution and this mod' seems to have worked pretty well.

I'll try and get the video footage from two nights ago sorted out and loaded later on today.

Talking of spring, I'd been to an outlying two hole sett
this morning to see if there was any sign of activity (non at the moment) and I was on my way back along a forestry track, when I nearly put my foot on a Common Newt.

This little feller is about 10cm long and must have just come out of hibernation, He looked like a bit of tree debris at a distance and was lucky I didn't put my boot on him.

The sun had gone behind cloud and with the ground still fairly cold he wasn't moving. I managed to coax him onto my hand and within a minute he was starting
to perk up. It's amazing how quickly they absorb heat.

I left him on the side of the track, out of harms way and waiting for the sun to come back out. I hope he has a good year.

So that's today so far. We'll see what the trail cam has to show later this afternoon.

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