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Friday, 7 October 2011

Autumn colours

 Autumn's well under way now and back as early as the 26th August the bracken (left) was turning at Corrimony.

This year has generally been fairly wet this far north and not, it seems, a good year for the development of some fruits. I've been checking fallen Hazel cobs recently and haven't found a kernel more developed than the one below which was 5mm across instead of about 13mm.

The Bird Cherry (bottom) on the other hand, is fully grown but these tiny seeds (3mm) are not going to help squirrels who would normally be enjoying the autumn Hazel crop.

I haven't seen any Rowan berries either, this year, other than one bush in a Glen Urquhart forest car park. I don't know what they're like in the wider area but people tell me there is a lot of fruit down south, which of course, has been a lot sunnier.

While on the subject of autumn colours, you may have noticed the change of colour scheme for these pages. I'd tired of funereal black and decided to brighten up the presentation. I'm not sure if I'm entirely happy with the way it looks so far, so there may be more changes to come.

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