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Friday, 14 October 2011

Ray Mears on ITV tonight

It's a bit late in the day to be mentioning this but Juliet Robinson, the Red Squirrels of the Highlands project officer will be appearing in tonight's

"Wild Britain with Ray Mears

An ITV Studios production for ITV1

Series begins Friday 14th October, 8pm, ITV1.

This series returns to ITV1 with a new 10 part run as Ray Mears discovers some of our islands' finest and most beautiful natural habitats and celebrates the very best of our wildlife.

In this second series, Ray ventures further afield as he explores the wild landscapes of Great Britain - ancient pine forests, deep bogs, and remote mountains.

From the dramatic Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands and the underwater world of a sea loch in the Outer Hebrides, to the steep sea cliffs on an island off the coast of Wales, Ray unlocks the vital links between the plant, animal and insect worlds and the role of man in the evolution of our ever changing landscape. Sharing his knowledge of field craft and his passion for our native wildlife, Ray shows us the hidden natural world that lives just beyond our doorstep."  Click here for more information

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