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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Trail Camera Reviews

I've been intending to review the trail cameras that I've been using and while I'm without transport seemed like a good time to start. These cameras are, left to right an Acorn 5210A 940nm, a Bushnell Trophy Cam 2010 model 119445 and a Hawke ProStalk PC2000.

Ltl Acorn 5210 940nm

The Acorn is what they call a lo glow version; and means that it's IR diodes emit at a wavelength of 940 nano metres which is invisible to humans and wildlife.

Shown left with the back removed to access the colour viewing screen (48 x 35.69mm / 2.36"), key pad and additional battery compartment, this design is a departure from the more usual "peli" style cases used by Bushnell et.c

Bushnell Trophy Cam 2010 model 119445

The IR diodes emit a visible glow but they also have  2011 Black LED models 119466 and 467

This model has a black and white (24 x 32mm/ 1.5") display which can be used for camera set up but not for viewing what's on the card. You have to carry a separate viewer for this or wait until you have access to a PC.

The 2011 Black LED model 119467 does have a (32 x 42mm / 2") colour viewing screen.

Hawke ProStalk PC200

This camera is the smallest and lightest of the trio and again its IR Diodes produce a visible glow.

The black and white LCD display screen allows set up of all the cameras functions, but no viewing of images or video.

It is an extremely compact, functional and easy to use design.

There will be more about these cameras over the next few weeks, together with comparison tests and plenty of examples of field results in all modes and conditions.

All of this will be added to the trail camera page along with specification sheets and analysis.
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