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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Osprey at nest with Acorn 6210MM

Osprey are returning to Scotland for the 2012 nesting season; and I've been lucky to have contact with Photographer Val Gall who is using a Ltl Acorn 6210MM to monitor a pair at the nest for this season.

The camera is set to periodically transmit images to her cell phone, and she has very kindly given me permission to publish the two images below; which are of the first bird to put in an appearance just this last couple of days.

First Osprey at the nest for 2012.      Camera Ltl Acorn 6210MM

She hasn't been able to confirm the identity of the Osprey yet, but hopes it is the first of the breeding pair (usually the female arrives first) that has used this nest in previous years.

If you would like to see how things progress during the year, and to see some of her first class photography, please visit Val's web site.

First night shot, apparently taken in heavy rain.        Camera Ltl Acorn 6210MM 

Just edited this post to add this sunlit early morning shot.      Camera Ltl Acorn 6210MM

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