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Monday, 11 June 2012

Acorn 5210A exposure tests (Red Deer Stag reacting to Filter noise) Part 1.

Dense shadow areas is one aspect of the exposure
issues with the Acorn 5210 before the firmware update.
I've recently been testing exposure issues with the Ltl Acorn 5210A and its remedy using a firmware update file supplied by the manufacturers.

During this stage of the test I had two cameras set together, one updated, the other as original. The results further illustrated how unstable the original 5210 is at calculating exposure and how this effects not only the picture quality but also the functional operation of the camera.

The non updated camera (0008) was set to take three still images plus a twenty second video and the updated camera (0009) was set to take three still images and no video, with each trigger event.

The stag was the perfect event for this test as he obligingly made his way along the river gorge to pass the badger sett. He became aware of the cameras due to the clicking of the infra red filter in the non updated unit, which was alternating between day and night setting. This is one of a number of symptoms of the camera hunting for the correct exposure values. The Fig 4 video shows the stag's reaction.

Fig 1. 0008 image 1Fig 5. 0009 image 1
Fig 2. 0008 image 2Fig 6. 0009 image 2
Fig 3. 0008 image 3Fig 7. 0009 image 3
Fig 8. 0009 image 4

Fig 4.  0008 video of stag reacting to IR filter noise.

The figure 1 image from the non updated camera (0008) is slightly lighter than the images off 0009 and I would have been happier if the updated images had been like this.

Figure 2 image was shot in night mode because the camera was still hunting for the correct exposure.

Figure 3 image went to the other extreme and was much darker.

Figure 4 video is good after a split second of indecision at the beginning.

Figures 5 to 8 are from the updated camera (0009) and although they are slightly darker than I would have preferred, they are none the less consistent.

I will be following this subject further over the next week or so to try and evaluate just how much improved this model is, after the firmware update. See this post to find out how to do a firmware update.

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