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Friday, 3 August 2012

Bushnell and Ltl Acorn comparative trigger speed tests

Fig 1:  Cameras
under test.

The new BushnellHD Trophy Camera model 119477 has been waiting for several weeks, for me to start more comparative tests alongside the Acorn 6210.

Because of the recent trigger speed improvements to both these cameras, I've been eager to see how they would compare, fully expecting the Bushnell with its 0.6sec reaction time to outperform the 6210 with its reaction time of 0.8 of a second. As it turned out I was in for a big surprise.

I also decided to test last years Bushnell 119467 and the Acorn 5210 at the same time to give a clear indication of how things had improved. The chart below clearly and graphically shows how these cameras compare. They were all tested at exactly the same time under perfect conditions (full, even overcast) for this test, there being no chance of flashes of sunlight causing anomalous triggers.

Camera settings were identical, as shown on the table below, and all were loaded with a 4GB SanDisk SDHC card.

The tests were conducted by my walking across the field of view, at 90 degrees to

Fig 2:  Weather conditions
the test cameras, and at an even and moderate walking pace.

I also wanted to use the opportunity to find out conclusively, if the side PIR sensors of the Acorn cameras actually improved their reaction time performance; so for test group A) the side sensors were turned on and for test group B) they were off.

The results show in test group A) that the Bushnell 467 is still the slowest kid on the block and surprisingly the new Bushnell 477 and the Acorn 5210 are, on balance about equal, despite the Bushnells declared trigger reaction time being a full half second faster. The 6210 is demonstrably faster than all the others, as seen on the chart; so what about the effectiveness of the side PIR sensors.

Well amazingly, with the 6210 side PIRs turned off, it's clearly slower to react, but the biggest surprise was that the 6210 still manages on balance, to be fractionally faster than the Bushnell 477. In fact, I conducted the same test three more times, before I got fed up with walking round the garden; just to make sure they were consistent.

So there it is. The new Ltl Acorn 6210 series camera has an impressively fast trigger reaction. So fast that in test two of group A) I only managed to get the toe of my boot into the frame. Shooting three frames and/or video on each trigger event is going to make it great for catching fast moving animals.

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