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Friday, 17 August 2012

Ltl Acorn 6210 Series Trail Camera News and Updates

Fig 1:  Ltl Acorn 6210 MC
Left. 940nm (no glow) - Right. 850nm (red glow)
A week ago I received the two pre-production  6210MC test cameras shown in figure 1; and since then I've been conducting water ingress tests to determine if the new modifications will keep water out of the case, in our climate.

The manufacturers have been working hard to completely redesign, not just the bottom door assembly, but also the main case moulding to accommodate the new door interface.

In my last post about this, I suggested doing away with the seal, but Acorn have decided they want the camera completely waterproof. Consequently the
Fig 2: Modified bottom door assembly
cameras shown
on the left are not finished production units; but were sent for me to test the water shedding ability of the redesign so far.

The good news is that under test conditions identical to those previous, both cameras stayed internally dry throughout.

The not so good news is that we have to wait another four weeks for completion of all the work and for the cameras to start leaving the production line. I know waiting is a frustration, especially for those of you who were expecting your new camera a couple of months ago; but I'm convinced that the wait will be worth it in the long run.

Fig 3: Modified bottom door assembly
For anyone who doesn't want to wait any longer, there is the option of having the June update version, which although not completely waterproof, is marginally better than the original. Personally I would wait for the new camera to be available next month.

The images on the left show various aspects of the new design, in particular the raised control panel, the extra water sinking around the hinge assembly and the inset of the door profile in relation to the bottom of the case body.

Changes still to be made are an increase in the
Fig 4: Modified bottom door assembly
diameter of the rubber door seal from 1.4 to 2. 3mm and a rise of the skirt edge from 1.5 to 3.0mm.

Firmware Updates:
My next post (tomorrow) will be about the poor quality of the infra-red lighting at night and in advance of that I have update file FW6210-940 which I have tested, and improves night image and video exposure.

Email me for a copy of the file if you have this problem.
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