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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Downloads for Ltl Acorn Trail Cameras.

Fig 1:   Acorn Manuals,
Set-up Software and Firmware Downloads
In this post:
Ltl Acorn Camera Technical Support
Instruction Manual Downloads
Camera Set-up Software Downloads
Firmware Downloads
6210MG Connection Problem

Technical Support

My workload has become very heavy in recent months and a good part of it is dealing with basic requirements such as providing manuals and software which is sometimes missing from the CD supplied with the Acorn cameras.

Fig  2: Manuals and software

Instruction Manuals and Set-up Software

Update to this post:   17.12.2014

All manuals and current firmware can now be downloaded from the manufacturers website at

Fig  3:  6210MG (X)
Please note we use the X suffix
to denote that the camera is
fitted with an external antenna.
It is not an official Acorn
Firmware Downloads 6210MG
Important:  You should realise that firmware isn't always a magic bullet that will cure all. If you use wrong or inappropriate firmware in your camera, it can sometimes stop the camera from working, and sometimes even not be recoverable. If you damage your camera in this way, it will not be covered by your warranty and you will be charged if you have to return it for repair.

In all circumstances only do a firmware update if your camera is not working properly and there is a firmware version which is specific to fixing the problem; or where the new firmware is compatible with your camera and provides you with new menu functions you really need.

If in doubt ask me but otherwise, as I have said before, DO NOT FIX A RUNNING ENGINE!

In the past I have been reticent to make firmware available to download, but more recently there has been extra demand created by a problem with the programming of the 6210MG, which is explained below.

I have decided to make firmware V1.2.003T available to download and below is a full explanation about how it should be used and in what circumstances.

Warning: Do not use this firmware with later cameras. If your camera comes with firmware V1.2.101T leave it alone. If it is faulty it is doubtful that downgrading to V1.2.003T will do any good and may well cause other problems. You do it at your own risk!!!!!

V1.2.003T is an early upgrade from V1.2.001T to correct the problem described below. I haven't seen a copy of V1.2.101T yet but suspect that it may correct the status display problem described below at **6210 MG.

Fig  4:  6210MG screen before firmware upgrade
indicates the camera has a wireless module installed
and is set up or ready for MMS
6210MG Connection Problem:

Fig   5:  6210MG screen after firmware upgrade
G indicates the camera is set up for SMTP
Do not enter the MMS menu after setting up for SMTP
because it will cause the camera to revert to MMS and
you will have to do the SMTP set up again.
Following the change to the control panel screen and the wireless module, 6210MG have been leaving the factory without complete programming. Users have been receiving new 6210MGs and finding they cannot connect to their cell phone network provider.

This can be fixed by doing a firmware update with firmware version 1.2.003T after which the camera will function properly although the control panel screen information is not exactly as described in the instruction manual.

The control panel screen images on the left explain this:

Figure 4: 
If your 6210MG has not been fully programmed it will show this screen display

Figure 5: 
After upgrading with V1.2.003T the screen will show  SIM  Tx 

Normally when the camera has a SIM card inserted it will connect and show your MPNO's name in red and the antenna symbol (T) with the signal strength bars next.

If it can't connect it should show SIM (no SIM card or inserted incorrectly) or one of the other  error codes such as CSQ (no signal) et.c

**6210 MG cameras installed with firmware V1.2.003T will not do this. Instead they will show SIM until they connect and then rapidly go through the full sequence to connected, when your MPNO name will appear along with the signal strength indication.

This has been complicated by the fact that while I've been analysing this problem the camera has refused to connect when switched to test, but with everything set up correctly and the camera switched on, it connects and starts sending via SMTP. Maybe it's taking longer than I would have expected to lock onto the signal because after it's started sending, if I go back to the camera, switch it off and then switch back to test, it then shows the MPNO and signal strength.

No doubt this issue will be corrected in future cameras and firmware, but it looks as if we will have to put up with it the way it is for the present.

Full list of connection codes for 6210MG cameras operating correctly:
SIM - No SIM card or installed incorrectly.
CSQ - No signals.
CREG - SIM card is password-protected, or deactivated due to zero balance in the account, or not able to register with the GSM system.
CGREG - Not able to register with GPRS network.
COPS - Searching for the MNPO of the SIM card. Once found, the operator’s symbol and the signal strength will show on the display.

Other firmware suitable for genuine Ltl Acorn Cameras (Not available to download - Please email me)
V3.06A - 5210A  Firmware suitable for Acorn 5210As - Do not use in a 5210M
V3.06M - 5210M and MG Firmware suitable for Acorn 5210M/MG - Do not use in a 5210A

V1.1.010T - 6210 Cameras are currently being shipped with this firmware version. 
If you don't have a problem don't upgrade.
V1.1.011T - This version was to correct a problem when using 32GB SD cards. 
Probably not necessary for current cameras. If your not aware of a problem don't ask for it. May only be applicable to older cameras and I haven't fully tested it.
V1.2.001T - 6210MC Firmware. 
Same as V1.2.003T but without the MMS menu and connectivity.
V1.2.003T - 6210MG Firmware for recent cameras which cannot connect.
Do not use wth 6210MC unless you are upgrading with the Ltl MM2 wireless module. 
See the Camera Sales page.

V1.2.003T for 6210MG cameras with NEW screen. 
ZIP file name Ltl6210-N_LCD_U_MMS. Download and unzip the binary file named FW6210.bin
Copy and paste the BIN file onto your SD card following the instructions in this post.

V1.2.003T for 6210MG cameras with OLD screen.
ZIP file name Ltl6210-HD_LCD_U_MMS. Download and unzip the binary file named FW6210.bin
Copy and paste the BIN file onto your SD card following the instructions in this post.

If you are not certain which screen you have then try the new screen version first and if it scrambles your screen display, don't panic, just repeat the procedure using the old screen version.

Please note that all binary files for firmware upgrades are named the same. Do not muddle them up. Keep them in the ZIP folders which are identifiable eg. N for new screen and HD for old screen.

By downloading the above firmware you are accepting full responsibility for any effect, adversely or otherwise that it may have on your camera. Read all the information above carefully and make certain you understand what you are doing before you proceed with an upgrade.

I don't think I've missed anything but if you have any questions please email me.
Monday or Tuesday this week I will be publishing a post providing full graphical set-up instructions for SMTP using the Acorn software version 1.2.027 and the SMTP2GO service.


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