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Saturday, 1 June 2013

6210 Upgrade News and new Model 5310 announcement

Ltl Acorn 6210MGX 940nm
In this post:
6210MG Upgrade news
New Model 5310 Wide Angle Camera

I had originally intended to write this post two weeks ago but got tied up with testing a camera for a commercial application which swallowed up a whole week. Afterwards I was away for a week and simply didn't have time to gather and collate all the information.

This last week I have been playing catch up with emails, forum posts and checking my own cameras. I think I am just about up to date now and my apologies to anyone I have kept waiting.

6210MG Upgrade news

At the end of last week I received more information from Acorn regarding their progress with the update of the 6210MG and their battle to get the SMS Remote Control function working.

1. GPRS function perfected (SIM900 module) and now supports SSL;

2. Current cameras do not support 3G, which is still in R&D stage;

3. The interference problem which I wrote about here is corrected;

4. The "SMS remote control" function is now working OK but is in turn causing an interference problem with the
camera. The Acorn technical staff are now focused on this and as soon as it is solved I will be getting a camera to test and review.

5) There are now two issues related to upgrading the 6210MC to MG status:

a. Due to GPRS module firmware incompatibility any old 6210MC requiring an upgrade to 6210MG, will have to be returned to the factory to make it compatible with the latest GPRS module.

b. Because the 6210MC is designed with an internal antenna any upgrade to 6210MG will have poor performance when compared to the external antenna model (I've been saying this for ages).

I have always advised that a decision about cellular or non-cellular needs to be made before you buy and because of the two issues above upgrading any MC to an MG is not a sensible option for both financial and performance reasons. If you are likely to need the cellular capability then buy a 6210MG(X) at the outset.

So what's the bottom line. It doesn't look as if I'll be able to test and review the upgraded 6210MGX before at least the middle of June!!!!!

Ltl Acorn 5310A 850nm

New Model 5310 Wide Angle Camera

This camera has been around for awhile labelled as a 5210W but now it is to be released as the 5310A, 5310MC and 5310MM.

I am not certain about its cellular abilities but the large LED array and wide angle lens certainly have my interest and I'm impatient to compare its performance alongside the 5210. I've asked about the closest focus and focal length of the lens but have not received any more info' so I guess I'll have to wait until I get my hands on a test camera which should be coming along with the 6210MGX sample.

New features for the 5310 include:
1. Wide lens angle 100°
2. 44 IR LED's.
3. 720P video.
4. Audio record.
5. "SMS remote control" function.

So that's about it until I have the two test and review cameras. I live in the hope that Acorn haven't rushed any of the development and left any loose ends this time around.

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