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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ltl Acorn 6210MGX Cellular Camera Function Tests

Fig 1:   Cellular camera test rig measuring the power output
from the GPRS module, the current drawn by the camera and
timing of the triggering and transmission event.
I have recently been assembling a test setup ( see figure 1 ) in preparation for testing the updated Acorn 6210MGX and then doing comparison tests with the ScoutGuard SG550M-8M and SG880MK-8M models.

I received the 6210 last Tuesday and have been working with it all week. This camera is the updated unit using the SIM900 GPRS module which has previously had connection and self triggering issues.

So far this test camera has had no problems other than not having functioning SMS remote control; and today I received word from Acorn that they have got the remote control working and cameras are now  available with this function.

I will be testing the remote control function as soon as possible but meanwhile I will continue putting this camera through the grinder to see if I can
find any other issues. So far things are looking hopeful.

I do have one small issue with a transmission delay time which I suspect is a product of the recent instability fix and have asked Acorn about this in the hope they may be able to shorten or eliminate it. As it stands at the moment if the camera is triggered during its transmission sequence as shown in the video log below, then it forces a 4 minute standby at the end of the sequence. 

This means that a camera looking at continuous movement within its detection field during its transmission sequence will only send an image every 5 to 6 minutes rather than the normal 2 minutes. It's not a big deal except maybe in security applications but the camera would benefit from a shorter delay. During this period the camera continues to take and store images as normal so they are not lost, just not sent and can only be viewed after recovery of the SD card.

Fig 2: Explanation of the functions shown in the video display.

Video log of the triggering and transmission sequence data - Ltl Acorn 6210MGX.
I will go into this in more detail in later posts.

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