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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ltl Acorn 6210MC Tested by Rhino and Elephant in South Africa

Fig 1:   Rhino at water hole

Martin supplied this 6210MC to a customer who has a holiday property available to let on thNatal South Coast, South Africa and they took this camera on one of their trips earlier this year.

During their stay they visited the greater Kruger National Park area and received special permission to place this camera at a waterhole.

As you can see from the images and video, there was a fair amount of activity and the local Rhinos and Elephant were quite interested in the alien object that had suddenly appeared.

I'm convinced that the crash at the end of the first
clip in the video below was probably the Rhino's horn and the source of the ensuing damage ( see figure 2 ). That wasn't the end though. Later an Elephant decided to check out the camera as well and left it at a crazy angle after which it still collected more images ( figures 3 to 6 below ) and video.

Fig 2:  Damage to the bottom door hinge.

When the camera eventually arrived here for repair I was surprised it hadn't sustained more damage and considering the size and strength of these animals it's testament to the robustness of the camera's case.

Replacement of the bottom door casing, a general check of the rest of the camera and some tests and I was able to declare the camera fit for further adventures. I haven't heard more news yet but I doubt anything the UK has to offer will compare with its African experience.

Here are some more images from the camera and as you can see from the views the camera was moved a second time.

Fig 3:  Impala    Aepyceros melampus
Fig 4:   Elephant   Loxodonta africana    Heading for the camera
Fig 5:   Elephant   Loxodonta africana    After inspection
Fig 6: I think these are White Rhino Ceratotherium simum but I know someone who will correct me if I'm wrong.

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