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Friday, 10 April 2015

High Gain External Antennas suitable for Acorn cellular cameras

Standard Acorn Whip Antenna
Optional antennas which can be used as a direct replacement for the standard Acorn antenna to provide higher gain in low signal areas.

I often get asked about alternative antennas which will improve connectivity for the Acorn cellular cameras. The high gain whip and the yagi shown below are the ones that I use myself, both of which improve the signal strength to and from the cell tower.

The 6dBi omni directional whip is useful in situations where the signal with the standard antenna is one or two bars and unstable.

The 11dBi yagi is capable of providing a workable signal where no signal exists using the standard antenna. It is highly directional and can allow the camera to be used at a greater distance from the cell tower than would normally be possible.

The gain is measured against an isotropic source which is a theoretical point source of electromagnetic or sound waves which radiates the same intensity of radiation in all directions. It has no preferred direction of
radiation. It radiates uniformly in all directions over a sphere centred on the source and is used as reference radiator (0dB) with which other sources are compared.

The standard Acorn antenna provides 0dB gain when referenced against an isotropic source.

Siretta Delta 6A - High Gain Whip

Quad Band GSM/GPRS whip antenna giving excellent performance in the quad band GSM frequencies.

Terminated with an SMA male connector, the unique knuckle adjusts through a 0 / 45 & 90 degree angle and swivels to ensure a vertical polarity when fitted to the camera.

The radiating element consists of a two part design and is overmoulded in black, high grade rubber giving a rugged, stylish finish. The overall length of the antenna at the 90 degree bend is 171mm.

This is a popular antenna for users requiring a straightforward to fit, reliable product replacement for the standard antenna fitted to Acorn cameras.
Delta 6A : 6.8dBi Quad Band GSM/GPRS whip.

Technical Specifications:      

Gain: 6.8dBi    Radiating element: dipole     Polarisation: Vertical     Impedance:  50 Ohms    VSWR: <2:1
Operating Frequencies: 
850MHz 3.75dBi,  900MHz 4.02dBi,  1800MHz 6.78dBi,  1900MHz  6.2dBi,  2100MHz 3.44dBi, 
     Best matched at 900MHz which makes it ideal for use with the Vodafone and O2 GSM/GPRS services.
Voltage and supply current: Passive    
Operating Temperature Range : -20ºC to 60ºC    
Dimensions: 187.5mm x 9.6mm     Connector: SMA plug (male)    
Mounting Method: Direct connect

Available from

RF Solutions - High Gain Yagi
11dBi gain Yagi Directional Antenna for 900 and 1800MHz GSM bands.
This is a high performance, directional antenna for use on 900MHz and 1800MHz frequency GSM networks.

Designed for outdoor use, it has a sturdy aluminium box section construction ensuring it is light but rugged. It comes with a heavy duty mounting clamp allowing fixing to external masts or poles.

The antenna has 9 radiating elements that generate 11dB directional gain, ensuring that good performance is obtained even in fringe coverage areas when the antenna is pointed in the direction of the appropriate cell site.

Complete with 10 metres RG58 detachable cable and an SMA male connector.
Ant 2:  11dBi  900 and 1800MHz GSM Yagi

Technical Specifications:
Gain: 11 dBi - Extends working range up to 4 times more than a standard ¼ wave antenna    
Operating Frequency: GSM 900MHz and 1800MHz   Impedance: 50 Ohms VSWR: <1.5 to 1   
Polarization: Vertical or Horizontal   
Maximum Power: 60 Watts  Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 85ºC    Antenna Material: Aluminium   
Dimensions: 580mm x 185mm       Connector: SMA plug (male) 

Available from

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