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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ltl Acorn 6210 Control Panel Screen Display Distorted or not working - All Models

Fig 1:  6210 screen display distortion

If you have an Ltl Acorn 6210 model camera which suddenly shows a distorted (inverted, sideways shift and/or expanded) screen display as illustrated by figures 1 to 4 then try upgrading to the latest firmware which is available from the manufacturers download page.

If a firmware upgrade does not cure the problem then it is almost certainly being caused by a faulty ribbon cable and/or a faulty display panel PCB. Other symptoms of a faulty ribbon cable may be a white screen, screen not powering up or buttons not working as expected.

The only way to be sure is to dismantle the camera and substitute with a new ribbon cable. If the problem persists then test with a known good test panel (figure 5) if
one is available.

If the problem is then corrected, fit the replacement parts, test and re-assemble.
I will be writing an article to show the procedure for replacing the ribbon cable as soon as I have time.

You are welcome to contact me by phone or Skype if you have questions about the problem or the repair procedure.

Fig 2:  Menu page with inversion and side shift

Fig 3:  Screen display inverted and expanded

Fig 4:  Menu page with display inverted and expanded
Fig 5:  Testing the ribbon cable and control panel by substitution

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