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Thursday, 5 November 2015

In Memory of Kali - 6th January 2005 to 22nd July 2015

9 weeks on the doorstep at Scatwell

Kali had been my constant companion for ten and a half years when at the end of June this year she suddenly started having fits.

Epilepsy drugs seemed to work for about three weeks and then the seizures started again with a vengeance and three days later she had gone.

I still haven't quite come to terms with her passing which is why it's taken me three months to post this collection of pictures taken throughout her life.

She was one of the most gentle, even tempered, friendly and attentive beings I have ever had the privilege to know.

She was always a lady even when confronted with people or dogs she obviously didn't take to. Everybody liked her and I absolutely loved her.

I do not want her to be forgotten.

9 weeks and discovering snow for the first time.

5 months - Above Lochside near Ullapool
5 months - Near Rhue Lighthouse - Ullapool

7 months - Loch Dughaill
1 year 2 months - With her friend Bruno at Scatwell
1 year 2 months
3 years 7 months
Kali at 4 years 7 months with Bell near Strathpeffer
Kali at 8 years 4 months with her best friend George in the hills NW of Plodda Falls
Kali and me in the forest near Tomich - December 2014

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