Please do not use "post comments" to ask for camera help and advice.
Use phone, Skype IM or eMail.

Camera Technical Support

Technical Support and Repairs for Ltl Acorn Trail Cameras

Pakatak - Ltl Acorn distributors in the United Kingdom
The below information relates to any Ltl Acorn camera purchased from Pakatak Ltd in the UK or via one of their re-sellers.

For cameras within the 1 year warranty period from purchase date:

Please contact your retailer, your camera should be repaired or replaced free of charge in as quick a time frame as possible.

For cameras outside of the 1 year warranty:
Please email Pakatak Ltd (through the website contact us form) with details of your camera model & serial number.
This serial number will then be checked against Pakataks' records and you will be asked to return the camera to Pakatak Ltd (within the UK).
Quarterly, Pakatak Ltd ship a batch of returns to Ltl Acorn (the manufacturer) in China.
Once the camera has reached the factory in China and been checked, Ltl
Acorn will notify Pakatak Ltd of any cost of repair for any particular camera unit.
Pakatak Ltd will then pass this information to the customer and the customer will be asked to pay these costs or decline the offer.
If the customer chooses to go ahead with the repair then they will make the payment and Pakatak Ltd will then request that Ltl Acorn carry out the repair.
Once the repair is completed, Ltl Acorn will send the camera back to Pakatak Ltd in the next order shipment.
Once the shipment arrives with Pakatak Ltd in the UK, the camera will be sent back to the customer.
Please be aware that the above "out of warranty repair" process can take
anything from 2 months to 5 months.

I'll be happy to help you with problem solving or repairs not covered by the above but I''ll need to talk directly with you.
Please phone me on +44 (0) 1456 415726 or contact me using Skype (Skype name ron.bury)
If I don't answer please leave a phone number (preferably a land line) and best time to call and I'll get back to you asap.

When you call please have the camera with you (with fresh batteries and SD card) and be in front of a PC with a USB socket and/or an SD card slot if possible.

Please check out the following details and read the troubleshooting guide below before you make contact:
  • Camera Model Number:  Found on the white bar code label on the back of the camera. ie. 5201A - 5210MM - 5210MG - 5310A - 5310WA - 5310MG - 5310WMG - 6210MC - 6210MM - 6210MG - Add an X suffix if your camera has an  external antenna
  • Camera Serial Number:   Found on the white bar code label on the back of the camera and will look something like 106019441. They are all a nine digit sequence. 5210A cameras start 106. 5210MG cameras start 201. 6210MC/MM cameras start 109. 6210MG cameras start 202.
  • Firmware Version:  Read this post to see how to find this. 5210 series firmware will look like V1.06.   5310, 6210 and 6310 series firmware will look similar to V1.1.006U.
  • Where Purchased: Name of seller from whom you originally bought the camera.
  • Date Purchased:  If your request is to correct a blocked password problem you will also need to provide an invoice as proof of purchase. 
  • A Description of the Problem:  Provide a brief history of the problem and if you think it may help you can include an image.

Check the Ltl Acorn parts page at Pakatak Ltd.  If you can't find what you need then contact me.

Camera User Technical Help

Important: I do not analyse camera user problems/faults by email or post comments, only by Skype or telephone. You are welcome to make initial contact by email but please keep it brief and include Skype name and/or phone number. 
Please make a contact request via Skype and please state your reason for making the request otherwise it may be declined.
If you don't speak english then use Skype IM or email.


I am happy to provide you with free technical help and using Skype is my preferred method.
My Skype name is:  ron.bury
You will need to be added to my contact list before I can call you. 
When you request to be added to my contact list please tell me the reason for the request. 
A simple "Please add me to your contact list" will be declined.
Skype enables the transfer of files and visual information and is much faster than trying to solve problems by email.

You are also welcome to try calling me on +44 (0) 1456 415726 at any time but I can't guarantee to answer. Leave a message and your contact number and I'll attempt to call you back.

Web Site Support Donation

If you find this web site useful please help me to cover its costs by making a payment of any amount that suits you.


Troubleshooting Guide:

The Troubleshooting Guide below was originally published as part of my post entitled Ltl Acorn 5210 and 6210 Trail Camera Problem Solving  on the 30th September 2013. 
Although the original post referred specifically to the 5210 and 6210 models the following guide covers all Ltl Acorn camera models.

Last update was 3rd May 2016. Since then new and upgraded camera models have been introduced which will not be mentioned below. The principles are however basically the same so this guide applies equally to new and old cameras unless stated otherwise.

Like all modern electronic items such as satellite receivers, routers, phones et.c, these cameras have on-board processors, which store a basic programme set plus all additional menu commands made by the user.

Sometimes all these instructions get scrambled and the equipment starts to behave erratically or not at all.

If your camera develops a problem which doesn't have an obvious answer, then the best course of action is to force a system reset. You can do this by removing the SD Card and all the Battery Cells; and then leaving the camera for at least 24 hours, which will allow all volatile memory to discharge.

Afterwards, you start to set the camera up again as from new providing this appears to have cured the problem.

If this doesn't work it may be that the camera has developed a component/hardware fault and will need to be returned to your supplier for repair or replacement, providing it's within the one year warranty period.

Before you contact your supplier read all below.

6210 Wireless Cameras (Series 2) Manufactured from December 2012 to February 2013:
GPRS Module and PCB problems. Please read this post.

General all cameras:

Camera Menu Reset. 
Camera doesn't behave as expected after changing menu settings. Select Default in the menu, click OK and start again.

Dirty switch contacts. 
If your camera refuses to switch on (either switch position) or when in the test position, comes on then dies and then maybe comes back on again. Remove all the batteries and try spraying a small amount of switch cleaner into the body of the OFF/ON/TEST switch and then gently work the switch back and forth through its positions. Using switch cleaner will clean and lubricate the switch contacts which can become dirty over time. Switch cleaner can be used as a maintenance measure before any problem occurs but don't overspray.

Dirty card contacts. 
SD and SIM card contacts, on the cards and inside the camera can get dirty over time. If the camera suddenly starts to behave unusually when it's worked OK previously, try cleaning the card contacts by lightly spraying the card contact face with CD or screen cleaner and then gently working the card in and out of its slot a few times. This will clean the contact areas between card and camera.

6210MC SD card lost inside camera. 
The reason the card is able to go in at an angle is because the non wireless MC only has a plastic blanking tray where the module would normally be fitted. This leaves a small gap at the back of the card slot. If the card is accidentally pushed through this gap it lands in the blanking tray, which in itself should not cause any problems. To remove the card open the back battery cover and you will see the front of the blanking tray, directly below the card slot. To the middle left of the blank is the SIM card slot and to the right of this and above is a lip which can be levered with your finger nail to pull the blanking tray out of the camera. Do it carefully and the SD card should come out with it. Keep the camera normally orientated while you do this and gravity will keep the card at the bottom of the tray. Once you've removed the card you can either choose to leave the tray out or refit it.

Cellular models refuse to switch on in test position with SIM card inserted.  
Try cleaning the SIM card contacts. This may work otherwise see dirty switch contacts above.

6210MG No wireless network connection information on screen. 
This was a problem with cameras produced during December 2012 and January 2013. 
Please read this post.

5210 Microcontroller (MCU) problem. 
Some recent cameras have occasionally shown a fault where, although the menu sets up OK and all functions work in TEST mode, when set to ON the camera will take one image and then fail to respond to the PIR trigger. If you are unfortunate enough to receive a camera with this problem, you will need to return it, through your supplier for replacement/repair.

6210 All versions.  
Screen white/black or abnormal display.
White ribbon cable creased where it passes from the main case to the control panel. This causes a disconnect in one or more of the wires and requires replacement of the ribbon cable.

6210 All versions.
Control panel buttons not working correctly
This may be caused by the ribbon cable or by contamination of the switch contacts most probably due to moisture entering the control panel in which case the control panel will need to be dismantled and dried out. Use compressed air on the micro switches. Don't operate the buttons with wet fingers.

Pink daytime and/or black nighttime images and video. 
This is caused by a sticking PIR filter. In day mode the filter is across the lense to filter out infra-red light and in night mode the filter is away from the lense to allow infra-red light through. If the filter sticks in the night mode position during daylight operation the resulting images and video will have a pink cast.

SD Cards

Camera shows the Acorn Splash Screen and then dies when switched to test. 
No SD Card or SD Card faulty or incompatible. Insert SD Card or try another card. Clean contacts (see above)

SD Cards can also go faulty. 
This causes the problem mentioned above. If you suspect this, then try a new card. Some cards can be incompatible with the camera so you may need to try a different brand. This may be indicated by getting a Card Full message on the screen. SanDisk are compatible.

Card Protected Message on Screen. 
Make sure your SD Card Lock is off.

SanDisk Compatibility. 
In November 2013 I discovered that a new batch of SanDisk 8GB cards would not allow the 6210MGX to send vga images over the network. It transpired that a change in the cards technology was preventing the camera from saving the vga image to the MMS folder.
This will be the case with all 6210 cameras using V1.2.105T firmware or earlier when using some new SD cards. The problem was quickly solved by Acorn writing new firmware  V1.2.115T

Important: Do not format your SD card in Windows. Either format in the camera or use SDFormatter which you can download here.


Setting a Password. 
This can be a problem if you forget what it is, or if when entered, the camera doesn't respond. If the above system reset doesn't cure it, contact me by email and I will be able to help. Please include proof of purchase and the model and serial number of the camera.

Screen message saying 'Please re-upgrade' and camera does not work. 
This indicates that the camera has been loaded with the wrong firmware update for that model. You will need to load a new firmware update using the correct file for the camera model. Email me with the camera model, serial number, date when purchased and any information regarding an attempted/failed firmware update.

Firmware Updates and Acorn lookalikes sold by Aldi. 
I don't know the origins of the cameras sold by Aldi but firmware updates for the Aldi cameras are not compatible with the genuine Acorn cameras. If you try to update an Acorn 5210 with Aldi firmware you will stop your camera from working. At the moment (16.01.2013) I don't know if the resulting condition is recoverable.

Set-up Software.
A user in Sweden has reported that he couldn't get his older (pre-screen change) 6210 to work properly using setup software v1.2.026 but all worked OK when using v1.2.020 which is one of the versions available here.

Firmware Updates.
This subject has also been covered elsewhere on this site. You can find links to the relevant posts by going to the site Index Page and/or the Download Page.

Battery Issues

Warning: Battery cells should not be left in the camera when the camera is not in use. Even when the switch is in the OFF position the camera will still be drawing about 300 microamps to maintain time and date settings and after a long period in this state cells will start to leak and corrode the inside of the camera. The damage can be extensive.

Always replace discharged battery cells and always remove battery cells, regardless of their state of charge, if the camera is going to be stored. 

Battery types.
Please read the following post:

Which AA Batteries to use in Ltl Acorn Wildlife/Trail/Security Cameras

Some popular batteries such as Duracell have a high internal resistance and although they will seem to be OK when first used will very quickly show problems related to discharged cells. This will happen within a couple of weeks of normal use which suggests to the user that the camera is faulty when it is in reality the battery. Symptoms include all the following.

Camera does not accept menu changes.
This can be caused by low battery voltage. Replace batteries. Also do a system reset as detailed above.

Camera set to Camera + Video but only shoots images and shortened or no video. 
This can also be caused by low battery voltage. It is a power saving function of the camera whereby it senses excessive voltage drop and shortens or does not record video to prolong infield life. This will firstly happen at night because of the extra power required by the IR LED lighting array.  Replace batteries. Also do a system reset as detailed above.

Flickering White Screen and buzzing noise from camera.
Batteries need replacing and you may see a blue screen with low battery message.

Black Night Time images and/or Shortened Videos. 
The cause will most likely be low batteries. As the battery voltage decreases with use it will eventually reach various thresholds.
1) Length of video will be progressively reduced to 0 seconds.
2) IR light will decrease on still images and the images will become very grainy.
3) Camera will still take images at night but they will be black other than to show external light sources.
4) Day time images will still be taken but no videos or one/two second clips.
5) Camera stops functioning.

Batteries and Video Length.
If the camera is taking videos which are a variable and shorter time than you have set, it will be because the battery voltage has dropped and the camera is attempting to save battery power.

Camera is operating in low temperature. 
Use Lithium batteries or an external Sealed Lead Acid battery rated at 6 volts 7 Ah. The SLA battery will last for a long time.

At temperatures around or below 0C
Alkaline and standard NiMH rechargeable batteries will only work for a few days before their voltage drops to too low a level.  If you choose to use these battery types then reduce the length of the video to 10 seconds, or just shoot still images only.
Low self discharge (LSD) NiMH are likely to perform better than the standard NiMH.

Rechargeable (LSD) batteries. 
This type of cell is a relatively recent technology and has the advantage of low self discharge and will hold as much as 80% of its charge after 12 months of inactivity which makes them ideal for sitting in a camera for long periods. They do not however perform to their full specification straight from the retail package. This especially applies to cheaper brands such as Vapex Instant where they need to go through about 6 charge/discharge cycles before they will give optimal performance.

Which AA Batteries to use in Ltl Acorn Wildlife/Trail/Security Cameras

External Power sources.
Ltl Acorn say that all their cameras can be operated from an external 12 volt source but I would recommend a maximum of 9 volts. At higher voltages I have seen instability which suggests the regulator is being overloaded.

Using a 6 volt SLA battery.
This is the only reliable and cost effective way I have found, for shooting 20 second plus videos over long, in field, service periods.
Please note that without a low voltage cut off circuit between the SLA battery and the camera, the battery may be irreversibly damaged if the voltage drops below 5.8 volts. Please read this post.

Video Compatibility

Problems viewing videos on your personal computer. 
VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols.
Please make a small donation when you download.
Download VLC Media Player for Windows, MAC, Android et.c

Video compatibility between cameras.
Video taken with the 5210 is not playable on the 6210 and vice versus.

I hope I've covered most issues but I will update as new problems and solutions emerge.

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This web site is about the wildlife, particularly the mammals, of the Glen Affric National Nature Reserve area in the north west Highlands of Scotland, UK; and the equipment I use to search for them, which is chiefly trail cameras.

I provide a technical support and parts service for the Ltl Acorn range of cameras and the income from this provides for the upkeep of this site and the purchase of cameras for my own surveying.

I hope you find the site useful and informative; and please contact me if you have any questions that I haven't already covered.